Blacktop Service Company is a full service asphalt contractor. The Company performs milling and base work, asphalt paving, chip seal, crack filling, seal coating, and is involved in aggregate production.

Asphalt Paving

Blacktop Service performs asphalt paving on a variety of projects including larger scale DOT and county roadways, city streets, commercial parking lots, and private driveways. Our asphalt crews are geared for mainline paving as well as smaller jobs like asphalt patching and driveways.

Milling and Base Work

Blacktop Service performs site work and grading along with milling to prepare areas for installation of asphalt or chip seal. Milling removes all or a portion of pavements allowing for existing grades and elevations to be maintained. Base preparation and site work prepares most any area for installation of new asphalt or chip seal. Our milling and base crew works across the state prepping state and county highways, city streets, commercial lots, and private drives.


Blacktop Service Company produces various aggregates at locations across north central and northwest Iowa. These are primarily used in asphalt production but are available for sale. We produce sand and gravel at our Erickson pit, located outside Humboldt, sand and gravel at our Warren Pit located outside Bradgate, and sand and gravel at our Miller Pit located outside West Bend.

Chip Seal

Blacktop Service is an expert in chip sealing, sealing for over 100 cities each year along with mainline sealing for the DOT and counties. Our crews work across the state using local aggregates to provide cost effective surface treatments.

Liquid Seal

Blacktop Service offers liquid sealing for asphalt pavements. Liquid sealing is the process of spraying a liquid sealer over existing asphalt pavements to prevent oxidation, and restore and rejuvenate the asphalt. This treatment is ideal for driveways, parking lots, and subdivisions.

Crack Filling

Blacktop Service repairs existing cracks in pavements utilizing the crack fill method. Roadway cracks are routed, cleaned and filled with hot pour rubber. Once the rubber hardens, moisture penetration is prevented extending the life of the roadway. Our crews crack fill county roads, city streets, and commercial lots across the state